Don't just collect sales data - use them in real time.

Let your company breathe its strategy.


i-snapshot has convinced customers from a variety of industries with its simplicity and powerful results. 






    Your strategy translates into profitability.


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    Our Chinese offices are located in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

    Your Partner for Sourcing and Sales Efficiency

    Easy visit reports


    Sales reps provide their visit report directly in the field.

    It only takes one minute and follows a menu customized for your needs.

    Drill down, 


    and act.

    Typical results with i-snapshot


      +50% increase of average sales force activity from 5 to 7.5 visits per day

      +36% increase of number of orders per sales person from 410 to 556

      +13% increase of average sales per sales person

    +100% turnover increase in the first 6 months, 120% target by month 8

    +200% earnings increase by top 10% of the sales team

    +100% compliance amongst the field team within 30 days

      +33% increase of average daily sales activity from 6 to 8

      +30% new account opening within 6 months

    +100% successful sales of all product groups by all sales reps

    Powerful analytics


    Standard and tailor-made charts and tables give you information in real time. 


    See if the right customers receive the right message about the right products.



    Discover which customers are visited and who is neglected.

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